Long Island is a unique and beautiful place to live, where residents can fully experience each of the four seasons. But it can also be expensive, especially in the cooler months when heating our homes is the greatest energy expense we face annually. Whether heating with oil, gas, or electric it is vital for homeowners to squeeze every ounce of value from each dollar spent.

Maximize Insulation to Minimize Heating Loads

Once you've minimized the amount of heat that you need by air sealing and insulating your home, you can make improvements that will reduce the cost of your heat. There are many ways that a homeowner can minimize the heating dollars spent, such as:

  • Converting from oil to natural gas
  • High-efficiency heating systems
  • Alternative heating sources such as wood or pellet stoves
  • High Efficiency Mini-Split systems that can also act as heat pumps down to 5-Deg F or less.
  • New technology like the Nest or Ecobee Smart thermostat
  • Sealing gaps in ductwork as well as insulating ductwork
  • Rebates and Financing

What makes these changes advantageous to homeowners beyond the greater energy efficiency and savings are a wide range of rebate programs and financing options to Long Island and New York State Residents. While these program are available for everyone, low and low-middle income homeowners may find they are eligible for rebates of up to 50%.

Start with an Energy Audit

However, before making any of these decisions, the first step a homeowner should take is to have a home energy audit. Green Audit USA will perform a free home energy audit, identifying area where upgrades can make your home more efficient. After analyzing the data collected, we will make recommendations on how you can improve various aspects of your home to improve the overall energy efficiency of your house, enabling you to get more from every energy dollar you spend.

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