May 5, 2016

A few months back we were approached by Smithtown Report, a program on the Town of Smithtown Government Television's YouTube Channel, for a story on energy efficiency and the Long Island Green Homes Initiative that was launched in November of 2015. Along with filming interviews with our owner, Jay Best, and visiting one of our projects in action, the video focuses on the work we did for one of our clients in the Smithtown area.

John Wontrobski, as you will learn from watching the video, learned about home energy efficiency during an event at the Smithtown Public Library. From that event, Mr. Wontrobski reached out to Green Audit USA to sign up for a free home energy efficiency audit. From the audit he learned how by making some upgrades to the insulation of his home and sealing some leaks in the structure of the house, he would be able to have a more energy efficient home that would be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer while cutting his heat and electricity bills. He moved forward with the work and along with the expected savings we were also able to help him with a situation in house that was outside of building code rules.

We are really proud of being featured on the Smithtown Report and we recently learned that they would be doing a second feature focusing on their original interviews with Jay. When that one is ready, we will share that as well.