March 22, 2016

Since the early 80's, American homes have grown more energy efficient, even as our use of cell phones, video game consoles and other electronic devices has soared. This is largely due to improved energy codes, which result in lower heating and cooling bills as well as reduced environmental impact. Even wit the improved energy codes, there is still more that can be done to improve the energy efficiency in the home. The first step is to have a home energy efficiency audit performed so that you can better understand the current energy efficiency level of your home, where there are issues that can be addressed and more importantly, how much you can save by addressing those issues.

This infographic from the Global Buildings Performance Network and the Institute for Market Transformation explains how.

In New York State, as in many states across the country, energy efficiency audits are encouraged and offered free of charge to homeowners. Additionally, for Long Island homeowners who have central air conditioning in their home, PSEGLI's Home Performance Direct program offers free sealing of gaps in the attic ductwork and replacement of existing light bulbs with high efficiency LED light bulbs in high-traffic areas of the home.