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How to Protect Yourself from Volatile Energy Prices.

According to recent information from the Consumer Price Index, energy prices are the most volatile of any category across the country. This chart displays just how incredibly volatile they are, compared to other commodities:

As you may know, home energy efficiency improvements are one of the best ways to protect yourself from the volatility of energy prices. Simple upgrades such as insulating your attic, sealing your ducts, and air sealing areas such as the crawlspace and attic can have a tremendous impact on your home's energy consumption (and your utility bills).

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Video: Home Performance with Energy Star.

This video provides great insight into the Home Performance with Energy Star Program

Green Audit USA recognized by NYSERDA as a 2011 Top Performing Contractor

Green Audit USA is proud to announce that we were recently recognized by NYSERDA as a 2011 Top Performing Contractor in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) presented Statewide and Regional awards to acknowledge excellence from contractors who provide services that help homeowners reduce energy use and cut energy costs. Francis J, Murray Jr., the President and CEO of NYSERDA, congratulated the contractors, also stating “Increased energy efficiency is the best way that all New Yorkers can decrease both their energy consumption and costs while at the same time realizing positive environmental benefits”.

Green Jobs Green New York to Comes to Long Island

There is a program coming to Long Island in the next month or so.

NYSERDA is getting ready to launch a new program state wide that will actually have relevance here on Long Island and in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. You see normally, LIPA runs the weatherization show down here. That is sometime good and sometimes bad, but it means generally means that when we hear about a new program in NYSERDA territory, it's a bit like reading about news in a foriegn country - you might be happy or sad for them, but it's not really relevant. This time it is.

This is what is coming out of the rumor mill:

Welcome to Our New Web Presence

It's been long overdue, but we're happy to have a new web site.  A special thanks to the professionals at Energy Circle who brought it all together - Peter, Victoria, Lisa, Greg, Michael & David.  We could not have done it with out you.

We're dedicated to bringing you weekly updates and new content to help you learn more about energy efficiency, home performance and generally leading a greener more efficient lifestyle, all while staying comfortable and saving money.  Our ultimate definition of sustainability.

Over the coming weeks expect articles on air sealing, a home energy yardstick and infrared diagnostics.  There is also a lot going on in terms of programs that are sponsored on both a local and a national level.  We'll try and let you know what's real and what's still hype.