Lessons From the First Snow Fall of 2017

This past weekend, old man winter reared his snow-covered head for the first time in 2017 and all over Long Island the sounds of snow blowers and kids was prevalent. Fortunately, the snow was of the fluffy, powdery variety that is easy to move and prone to snow drifts.  But while some thought it beautiful and other found it vexing, it offered some very important information about your home. Yes, the first snow storm of the year was an educational experience.

Depending on how closely you pay attention, the lesson may have been there every year when the snow falls. What is interesting about this lesson is that its value can easily be weighed in dollars and cents if you take the lesson to heart. And since all lessons have a topic, the lesson this weekend was about home performance.

A Modern Re-Imagining of Twas The Night Before Christmas

Thanks to our friend Bob O'Brien of Technical Heating. I am sure Clement Moore would approve...

A Response to the Newsday Cover Story 'Pay Up To Heat Up'

In the December 4th issue of Newsday, a cover story headlined 'Pay Up to Heat Up' discussed the predictions for a harsh winter and the effects it will have on homeowners and their utility bills. In reading this piece we noticed that while there were a lot of predictions and prognostications about the winter forecast and fuel costs, there was little discussion of how homeowners can take control of their heating costs through increased energy efficiency. As we believe that improving the energy efficiency of your home is the best path to reducing utility costs, Jay Best submitted a letter to the editors of Newsday in response to this article. While we do not know if the letter will be published and if it is, it is highly likely they will edit the piece for their purposes, we wanted to share the letter in its entirety.

Light Switches Can Be Big Sources of Leaks

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When talking to homeowners about having a home energy assessment, we explain each step and how it helps us to understand the energy efficiency of the home. The blower door test is one that is easy to explain but to go beyond the basic explanation to say how it helps to identify air leaks throughout the house is where it gets tough some times.

The video below shows how a gasketed electrical switch can be a serious source of air leakage within the home. If, after watching the video you are wondering how you can cut down on the drafts in your house while simulataneously improving you energy efficiency please contact us about an energy efficency assessment for your home. 


Expansion into Queens that started in March 2016 picks up steam for Green Audit USA

Jay Best, Green Audit USA’s founder and president, recently returned to school with a goal in mind. For a graduate of MIT (BS in Chemistry) and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (Masters, Chemical Engineering), returning to school seems overkill. But for Jay this was the next logical step in expanding the Green Audit footprint.

Smithtown Report Feature on Jay Best and Green Audit USA

A few months back we were approached by Smithtown Report, a program on the Town of Smithtown Government Television's YouTube Channel, for a story on energy efficiency and the Long Island Green Homes Initiative that was launched in November of 2015. Along with filming interviews with our owner, Jay Best, and visiting one of our projects in action, the video focuses on the work we did for one of our clients in the Smithtown area.

Green Audit USA's Jay Best Featured in LIBN

In a recent issue of the Long Island Business News, a column by LIBN columnist Bernadette Starzee titled 'The Green Team' featured comments by Jay Best, Founder and Owner of Green Audit USA. Below is the column in its entirety. 

Long Island’s homes are largely inefficient. But while homeowners from Mineola to Montauk think it’s a good idea to make upgrades to cut their energy bills, multiple efforts to get them to do so have failed to win mass adoption.

Jay Best Interviewed for Connect Big Podcast

Recently Green Audit USA Founder and President Jay Best was interviewed for Elephant Networking's Connect Big Podcast. Host Valerie Lampe spoke with Jay about residential energy efficiency and how making the right upgrades to your home can help make your home safer, healthier and more efficient while reducing heating and electricity costs. Jay also spoke about the growing interest among prospective home buyers in energy efficient homes and how making energy efficient upgrades to your home can help to increase the value of your home if you are looking to sell.

Investing Your Tax Refund Wisely

Energy efficient upgrades to your home can increase the true value of your tax refund.

It is that time of year again. Tax season. As April 15th draws near our thoughts are on either filing out tax returns on time or possibly a request for an extension. For homeowners who have already filed, they are awaiting their refunds while contemplating how to use the money that Uncle Sam has so nicely said we can have back. Some will save it and some will spend it, perhaps on a vacation or an item they were holding off on purchasing until they got their tax refund. 

Infographic: How Energy Codes Make Homes More Energy Efficient.

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Since the  early 80's, American homes have grown more energy efficient, even as our use of cell phones, video game consoles and other electronic devices has soared. This is largely due to improved energy codes, which result in lower heating and cooling bills as well as reduced environmental impact. Even wit the improved energy codes, there is still more that can be done to improve the energy efficiency in the home. The first step is to have a home energy efficiency audit performed so that you can better understand the current energy efficiency level of your home, where there are issues that can be addressed and more importantly, how much you can save by addressing those issues.

This infographic from the Global Buildings Performance Network and the Institute for Market Transformation explains how.